Lisa Albanese Photography:

New York Photographer specializing in Portraits, Sports, Dance and Nature/Travel Photography
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We had the opportunity to interview Lisa and here is what he had to say…

1. Why to you like photography ?

I am an enthusiastic hobbyist. I love taking pictures to record memories. Whether it is a birthday, holiday, school function, dance recital, lacrosse game, or friends getting together, I want to capture the emotion of it. I love looking at a picture and remembering how I felt at that moment in time. I guess I am just a nostalgic girl.

2. What is your favorite type of photography ?

I love taking pictures of family and friends. I love to shoot sports and dance especially.

3.  Share a funny story about your photography…

My mother was really into photography when I was a kid. She was always following me, my brother & sister around with her camera and I was always running from it. I guess things really do come full circle, because I am now my mother!

4. Share a photography trick or tip…

Ahh…there is a quote that I have repeated to my kids over the years. It is from Mikhail Baryshnikov. It is brilliant and doesn’t apply just to dancers. “I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.”  When I first started shooting in manual, my pictures were bad (at least I thought they were). I was always comparing my pictures to others and feeling so frustrated. When I stopped comparing my skills and my pictures to everyone else’s, I started enjoying photography so much more! My goal became to take better pictures than I had taken in the previous shoot, not better than anyone else’s. I really feel that even if a picture isn’t “technically” perfect, if you feel the emotion of it, it is perfect to you.

5. Why do you love SmugMug and/or jR Customization ?

I am so thrilled with my new website! I knew what I wanted and jR Customization was able to implement my ideas with their ideas and expertise to create a site that is perfect for me! Within 10 days, I was up and running. I could not be happier!! I chose SmugMug over other photography hosting sites because I liked the option of friends and family being able to purchase prints. I really like the new SmugMug and all the new features. SmugMug is so easy to use and the customer service is fantastic!

6. What is your major goal or photography project for 2015 ?

 I have a few… The first was to get my website up and running and Jerry helped me fulfill that goal. My second is to shoot more. Right now I am on day 6 of “100 Days of Summer” project so that is making me shoot more. My long term goal is to start a blog, I’m hoping to start that sometime before the end of 2015.

7. How can readers learn more about you ?

As soon as I get that blog going, you can read more about me there 🙂

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