Here are a few of many Smugmug features :

- Ability to right-click protect, unlist and password

protect your galleries
- Unlimited storage of pictures
- Nine different photos sizes (Small Thumbnail, Large

Thumbnail, Small, Medium, Large, Original, XL, XXL, XXXL)
- Unlimited storage of video, including amazing HD
- Easy order fulfillment process via Bay Photo and

EZ Prints
- Automatic back-up of your galleries
- Ability to assign your own domain to your smugmug

- Social networking capability for your galleries – share

on facebook, twitter and several other social networking platforms
- Post photos to blogs and forums
- Great with SEO as well as the ability to view
specific statistics on your photos
- EXIF data on your pictures
- Ability to assign captions and
keywords to your pictures
- iPhone friendly!
- No ads appear on your site
- Availability of custom themes designed by smugmug (holidays, colors,

sports, events, etc..)
- Variety of viewing styles such as

thumbnails, journal, ‘smugmug’ and journal
- Photo communities and the very own
smugmug dgrin forum
- Ability to create products for your customers such as

cards, calendars, books and animoto videos
- Geotagging with dispaly on Google Maps
- Enable your clients to download photos or purchase

digital downloads of photos
- Outstanding customer service
- Ability for you to customize your smugmug site to

match your business need/market branding – click here is see jR Customization examples

Visit Smugmug to learn more

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Photoshop Actions, Workshops and Photoshop Tutorials
MCP Actions

MCP Actions offers original Photoshop Actions and Workshops to customers internationally, which enable photographers, at the click of a button, to enhance and enrich their photos in a fast and efficient way.

Visit MCP Actions to learn more.

Camera Slingers

The Camera Slingers “Freedom” double camera strap:

The “Freedom” comfortably supports the weight of two cameras at one time and gives you the flexibility to use one camera when you need it. Finally, a solution for the two or one camera shooter. The included

strap extender allows you to quickly change from two cameras to one camera in a snap without ever having to readjust your strap. No more fumbling or having to set your bodies on the ground. The Camera

Slingers design does not require the use of a cross strap, making it both female and wardrobe friendly. You can now carry two cameras with ease and comfort, even if worn all day! The Ergonomic design support

system is made to support the weight of your cameras on the stronger part of your back, the unique bi-lateral binding takes the stress off your shoulders and spine. Your back will love you! Shoot in style

… shoot with ease.

Features and Benefits:

 • Carry two camera bodies at one time with one
 • Converts into a single camera strap
 • Fits all cameras and lenses with a standard tripod mount
 • Adjustable camera positioning
 • Military grade components
 • Slip resistant shoulder pads
 • Fully adjustable, for all heights and body types
 • Sleek professional design
 • Ergonomic design helps prevent neck and back pain, even if it is worn all day!
 • 2 camera or lense mounts
 • 1 strap extender
 • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Visit Camera Slingers to learn more.

Showit Web Slideshows

Create stunning slideshows quickly and simply. Just upload your photos, select your music, customize the look and ShowitWeb does the rest.
 • Automatically resizes images and generates Flash file
 • Pre-timed transitions syncopated to the music
 • Customize the music, text, colors, zoom, focal points, and include your own logo
 • Embed slideshow into your blog or Facebook page
 • Sell a DVD of the slideshow to your customers with Showit’s MediaLab

I used Showit Web for a the home page slideshow on my Sarah and

James Wedding Site. It was very easy to use and I had the slideshow created within minutes. I like the ability to create variations on slideshow transitions and timings.

Visit Showit Web to learn more.

Photography Knowledge – Shuttermom University

“Find out how to start your own photography business, create a waiting-list of clients hungry for your photographic services, make money doing what you love, and make this the best year ever! “

Check out Shuttermom University to learn more.

SEO – Tofurious SEO Workshop

Topics Covered
 • What SEO is
 • How you can use SEO to make money
 • Tried and proven techniques on how to rank on Google (not tips)
 • Blogging tips – basically everything that Lawrence did to make Tofurious what it is

Visit Tofurious SEO Workshop to learn more.

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