IncredibleTravelPhotos specializes in photography workshops throughout the world. Each workshop at IncredibleTravelPhotos is dedicated to creating and refining your creative vision. They choose inspiring places and events to photograph, allowing you to fully explore techniques for expressing your creative voice. Whether you want to improve your photographic skills or use your photography to tell a story, the workshops are designed to help support finding your vision. You’re not alone when exploring your own vision and creativity – the workshops build a sense of community and are led by world class, award-winning photographers.

Site Features :

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  • Workshop Pages with a variety of information on each workshop – Slideshows, Images, Expand/Collapse Text area, etc…
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Workshop pages displays a variety of information about each workshop, participant photos and the ability to sign-up for the specific workshop.

We had the opportunity to interview Oliver Klink – founder of IncredibleTravelPhotos – and here is what he had to say…

Why do you love photography ?

When I first asked myself this question, I thought, “Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s what I do for a living! I never get tired of picking up my camera and “going to work.” But this doesn’t really answer the question, does it? It just states that I enjoy photography.
I enjoy photography because it has caused me to fall in love with light and see the world around me with fresh eyes every single day. It has enabled me to become an artist with photography as a mean to express feelings and be creative.


Workshop pages provide a variety of information in collapsable menus and tabs. Additional functional includes the ability to sign-up for the workshop.

Photography tip/trick for readers

Photography was first a mean to document what I was seeing out there. I did learn how to expose properly, understand the ins and outs of my equipment (lens, buttons, accessories, etc.). Overall, I built my technical expertise, so I could be confident to photograph in any situation. The next phase was harder to master when I moved from a documentary approach to fine art photography. To make an image, I had to have a concept, do research, get inspired by other artists (painters, photographers, poets, writers, etc.). Each click became meaningful. What i really learned was to write and write more! As Ansel Adams said: “There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”


Special site footer design with the ability for visitors to sign-up for the e-newsletter, view testimonials and featured upcoming events.

Favorite photography equipment

Practicing is the key ingredient. When most people take on a new “hobby”, like golf, soccer, cooking, etc … they practice. Photography is the same. By training your eye, you will become more comfortable with your gears and your craft. Unfortunately there is not one camera that does it all. I have a fast camera for action and wildlife (Canon 1Dx), a high resolution camera for landscape (Digital Hasselblad), and a portable camera for street photography (Sony A7RII). I mostly use fix lenses so I can get best output quality and be very familiar to the ideal distance to my subject.


Workshop pages consist of example images from Past Workshops and Recommended Workshops.

Favorite place to visit for amazing photographs (and why ) ?

I have traveled to over 90 countries and all the continents. Every places I visited is breath taking for various reasons (historical, beauty, inspiring, etc.). What I found is that multiple visits to the same place leads to more in depth photograph and inspiring conceptual execution.
The places I visit these days have a “time sensitive” effect too. Overall the world is changing at a rapid pace and most of the changes are irreversible and permanent.


The Workshop Map Page displays locations to each workshop around the world. Each thumbnail links to the specific workshop page.

To learn more and view breathtaking images from around the world – visit IncredibleTravelPhotos

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