Michigan Photographer specializing in Family, Seniors and Portrait Photography. Site Features :

  • SmugMug Photography Site
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly Shopping Cart
  • Variety of folder/gallery styles – Collage style and SmugMug style
  • Independent design for the homepage with a full screen slideshow, left logo, and vertical navigation
  • Left Logo and navigation throughout the rest of the site – easy to use
  • Text pages – easy to use and update
  • Social Media Links and Sharing Capabilities

We had the opportunity to interview Larry from LMCampbell Photography and here is what he had to say…

1. Why do you like photography ?

I’m as fascinated as the next guy or girl at how an image can get captured through this little piece of glass and transformed into a beautiful piece of art or an ever-lasting memory.

2. What is your favorite type of photography ?

It’s a toss-up between sports photography (I love to capture that highlight moment in a gem or match, or the emotional response to it) and portraits (I currently have triplets that are seniors in high school, so Seniors seem to get most of my portrait business lately).

3. Share a photography trick or tip…

Shoot in RAW format when possible, to take full advantage of your camera’s features… you paid for it didn’t you?

4. Why do you love SmugMug and/or jR Customization?

jR Customization and SmugMug have helped simplify my site for visitor navigation and capturing my branding.

5. What is your major goal or photography project for 2015-2016?

As mentioned earlier, getting through the Senior season, and capturing all my kids’ sporting events simultaneously.

6. How can readers learn more about LMCampbell Photography?

Visit!  😉   lmcampbellphoto.com

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