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We had the opportunity to interview Mary from Ross Keller Photography and here is what he had to say…

1. Why do you like photography ?

We enjoy photography for many different reasons!  The creativity involved, the wonderful people we get to meet, the beautiful places we get to visit and the flexibility it allows us in our work schedule.

2. What is your favorite type of photography ?

Our favorite type of photography would probably be nature photography, as we LOVE travel and being outdoors.  But, we are also drawn to working with people and from that aspect, outdoor portrait photography would probably be our favorite….low–key and fun!

3. Share a funny story about your photography…

Once, while shooting a wedding in the beginning stages of our business, I (Mary) was up in the balcony of the church.  I didn’t have much to do, and was new to my second-shooter role, so I had kicked my shoes off and was actually eating a sandwich during the very long ceremony.  Ross needed me to change out his batteries at one point and seemed pretty frantic about it.  So, I ran down the balcony stairs and up a side aisle of the church only to realize the door to the balcony had closed behind me.  I was still barefoot and all of my equipment was now locked in the balcony.  Panicked,  I ran across a parking lot to the church rectory where a visiting priest was able to find a key and let me back in!

4. Share a photography trick or tip…

Always be prepared as anything that can go wrong, will!  Extra batteries, extra camera, additional lenses, plenty of water, food that can quickly be eaten for instant energy … you can never be too prepared!


5. What is your favorite/recommended piece of camera or camera equipment ?

The collapsible cart that we just bought off of Amazon which allows us to pile all of our equipment on it, free up our hands and our backs, and easily move from car to church, car to venue, etc.  The best investment we have made this year!

6. Why do you love SmugMug and/or jR Customization?

Easy to work with, and a great platform to showcase our work!

7. What is your major goal or photography project for 2015-2016?

We would love to book up enough so that we can both quit our day jobs….hopefully by 2017!

8. How can readers learn more about Ross Keller Photography?

Our amazing new website (thank you, jR Customization!) is not totally complete yet with things we need to do from our end, but feel free to visit to view our work and learn a bit more about us!

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