As a photographer, your business card to the world is your web site. Also as a photographer, the ability to sell your photos easily and streamline your workflow is critical. SmugMug has recently launched a new platform of features, functionality and designs. jR Customization has been customizing SmugMug sites for over nine years. jR Customization has worked with 100s of photographers around the world to customize their SmugMug sites with each photographer’s own uniqueness, branding, style and features in mind. jR Customization would like to share with you the top fifteen features that that the new SmugMug provides to photographers.


Increase your workflow with the SmugMug organizer

Increase your workflow with the SmugMug organizer


1. The Organizer – Increase your workflow

The new organizer provides an easy way for you to upload and organize your photos into folders and galleries. You can organize your folders into a hierarchy – up to seven levels as well as set specific controls for the folder and gallery level. The organizer also gives you the ability to use various applications, such as Adobe Lightroom, to upload and manage your photos; saving you time and increasing your workflow efficiency.


Responsive Design – your SmugMug site smart phone friendly!

Responsive Design – your SmugMug site smart phone friendly!


2. Responsive Design – WOW, on a smart phone!

Although it may be the latest ‘buzz word’ in the web design world, responsive design is becoming more and more critical to your business. From the desktop, to the laptop, to the tablet, to the smart phone, your SmugMug site displays properly on all media types. There is no need for you to get a “special” mobile site now – you have it with SmugMug. This provides an excellent marketing opportunity for you. It allows you to showoff your pictures to family and friends on the go simply by using their smart phone or tablet. Your website will always look clean and professional no matter what the screen size. Examples include Jennifer Shirley Photography and Cindy Shaver Photography.


Set  prices and sell to clients with the SmugMug shopping cart

Set prices and sell to clients with the SmugMug shopping cart


3. Pricing – AKA “Photos, meet money”

Since day one, SmugMug has provided the ability for photographers to provide easy proofing and selling of photos. Depending on your SmugMug account level, you have a variety of tools you can use to sell your photos including pricelists, coupons, print marks, proof delay and special packaging and delivery. You have four professional print labs to select from (Bay Photo, White Custom Color, EZ Prints and Loxley Colour UK). You also can create special products such as calendars, books and greeting cards – just to name a few. Although this is not a new feature, this definitely still remains in the top ten. Click here to learn more about SmugMugs e-commerce features.


A variety of new SmugMug designs to select from…

A variety of new SmugMug designs to select from…


and customize with your own branding and style – be unique!

and customize with your own branding and style – be unique!


4. Pick a design – 100% customizable

SmugMug has over 24 designs to select from to incorporate into your SmugMug site. Each design has different layouts of logo, menu, gallery and content placement. Once you select a design, you can modify the design with you own branding, colors, style, fonts, site navigation, social media icons, etc. You can even modify the design to match your blog (seamless branding!). SmugMug also provides you with the ability to experiment with the design before launching for all your fans and friends to view. Click here to view some examples of the new customized SmugMug sites.


New SmugMug gallery styles

New SmugMug gallery styles


5. New Gallery Styles – Focus on your photos

SmugMug has new gallery styles for you to showoff your photos. New gallery styles include a ‘flatten’ SmugMug Style, Collage Landscape, Collage Portrait, Thumbnails, Slideshow and Journal. The styles are clean and uncluttered, which puts the focus on your photos. Click here to view the gallery style examples of Bora Yom Photography.


Get creative with the new SmugMug page feature

Get creative with the new SmugMug page feature



Creative new Services Page


6. Pages – get creative

SmugMug now offers the ability to create pages. You can easily “drag and drop” pictures, text, videos, slideshows, search, feeds, etc. onto a page. This is an excellent way for you to get creative and artistic with your Bio, Investment and Contact pages. All pages are easily managed by you as well. See example of creative pages from Jan Etheridge Photography and Joody Carton Photography.


The new SmugMug lightbox – cleaner look and user friendly

The new SmugMug lightbox – cleaner look and user friendly


7. Lightbox – new features

SmugMug’s new lightbox offers several added features including your viewer to play a slideshow, socially share the photo, comment and/or like the photo and view the photo in different sizes. The lightbox takes full advantage of the viewer browser window – again, responsive design.


Bonnie Stewart takes full advantage of SmugMug SEO

Bonnie Stewart takes full advantage of SmugMug SEO


8. SEO – be discovered on the internet

So what about SEO (search engine optimization)? You have the ability to add titles, captions, keywords to photos and galleries, which are all search engine friendly. You can also map your images to the locations throughout the world which provides more search engine power to your photos. We are often asked by photographers “How can I be found by the Search Engines?” Simple – taking advantage of SmugMug’s SEO capabilities are an excellent starting point. Click here to see Bonnie Stewart photography taking advantage of captions, keywords and maps.


9. Security – lock down your photos

You have the ability to password protect folders and galleries, right-click protect your photos, unlist galleries, disable social media sharing and even add watermarks to your photos (pro level). This provides you with an excellent way to secure your clients memories.


Social share your photos with SmugMug

Social share your photos with SmugMug


10. Social Media Sharing – easy sharing

Sharing your photos in SmugMug is now easy with the SmugMugs ‘share feature’. You and your fans can share your photos on various social media platforms, email links to photos and embed photos into blog articles – just to name a few. Thus, SmugMug can be the storage center point of your online identity. Click here for social media sharing examples.


new-SmugMug-Customization-Add-Ons-jR-Customization copy

Add a contact form on your contact page using



 11.  Add Content Blocks – Services  –, Adsense and Google Calendars.

SmugMug enables you to add value-added services to your site such as (forms), Google Adsense (advertisements) and Google Calendars.

All add-ons can be associated with specific application accounts so there is no need to re-create new accounts.



New feature – the ability to set the transition type of your slideshow


new-SmugMug-Customization-Home-Page-Example-Full-Screen-Slideshow-Underwater-Reflections copy

Full Screen Slideshow – looks great on all platforms!

new-SmugMug-Customization-Home-Page-Slideshow-Full-Screen-Erika-Thrones copy

Another example of a full screen slideshow – Erika gets creative with her images and the left navigation

12. Creative Home Pages – Slideshows

SmugMug enables you create an unique homepage on your site – an eye-catcher to the site visitor.  The slideshow can be sized or full screen – and yes, it is responsive.  It looks great on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone !

new-SmugMug-Customization-Home-Page-Example-Darren-Strubhar copy

Darren Strubhar Photography uses his home page to link directly to his variety of portfolio galleries.


new-SmugMug-Customization-Home-Page-Example-RKO-Photography copy

RKO Photography links their home page images to specific sections of their SmugMug site.


13. Creative Home Pages – Static images

Not interested in a slideshow on your home page ? Simple ! What about static images that lead you to various parts of your web site.  The images are very easy to change out as well as can link to external web sites (example – your Facebook Fan page or your blog).



Mom 2 Boyz Photography uses Paypal to collection session fees



Brian Arnold Photography uses Client Login logic for clients to access their albums

14. Get creative with HTML

Although the new SmugMug does not allow javascript, you can see add HTML code such as forms (client login) and collect session fees via Paypal  Contact us to learn more about these features.


15.  Specialized marketing

This is becoming a very popular marketing trend.  Photographers are now creating specific themes/branding for specific markets (Weddings, Seniors, Boudoir, Sports).  Instead of having multiple sites, with your SmugMug site, you can create multiple themes with different branding, colors, styles, navigation, etc.  This enables you to create an unique message a specific market.  Example – if you are marketing towards Senior Photography, you can a specific section of your SmugMug site specifically for Seniors.  The “Senior” section can have its own navigation, color scheme, pages, portfolio, etc. Your can now market yourself towards Seniors with this branding/theme.  Contact us to learn more about specialized marketing. Click here to learn more.

SmugMug was awesome before, but they have really taken it to the next level with the launch of the new SmugMug. As a photographer, you should feel proud to host your beautiful work on SmugMug. The features we name above are just a handful of the new options that we love. When we uncover more of the new gems within SmugMug, we will be sure to share them with you! Click here learn more about SmugMug. To learn more about the new SmugMug customization and see examples, check out our portfolio.



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