Jaki Good Miller Photography - Fine Art Theme

Jaki Good Miller Photography – Fine Art Theme

Ohio and West Virginia Photographer Jaki Good Miller specializes in Portraits, Weddings, Seniors and Fine Art photography.  Jaki has been with SmugMug for over six years and
has been a customer and friend of ours ever since.  Her personality is humble and her work is simply BREATHTAKING.  We recently worked with Jaki to migrate her over to the new SmugMug as well as taking it to the next level.  We have captured her art into to four different themes – Weddings, Portraits, Seniors and Art.   Each theme has its own style, navigation, content an most importantly personality.  A complex plan and deign resulted in a new SmugMug site genuine  uniqueness.  Jaki writes to us…


Why do you like photography ?

“With my camera, I am able to capture a fleeting moment in time and create a permanent work of art for people to enjoy. I love the challenge of catching the subject (people, wildlife, or landscape) in the midst of constantly changing variables – different colors, depths, lighting, movement, perspective, timing, framing, etc. The challenge of this task is always dynamic and when everything comes together and I manage to get it right, it is such a gratifying feeling.”

Jaki Good Miller Photography - Wedding Theme

Jaki Good Miller Photography – Wedding Theme

What is your favorite type of photography ?

“This is hard to answer.  At a recent photography conference, the speaker urged us to narrow our focus to just one photography specialization, like weddings for instance, if we wanted to be successful.  I can’t seem to do this.  I certainly love people photography – weddings, seniors, families, children, babies – but I am also crazy over landscape and wildlife photography.  I seriously love it all.”



Share a photography trick or tip…

” ‘The eyes are the window to the soul’ and the main focus of my photography.
With portrait and wildlife photography, I always focus on the eyes. Viewers are naturally drawn to the eyes in a photograph, but it’s important that you don’t put the eyes in the center of the frame.   Most photos are more captivating if the center of interest isn’t smack in the middle.  To get a great composition, then, I focus on the eyes, recompose, then take the shot so the eyes are sharp and in the upper or lower third of the image.”

Jaki Good Miller Photography - Senior Theme

Jaki Good Miller Photography – Senior Theme

Why do you love SmugMug and/or jR Customization ?

“SmugMug is definitely the easiest way to sell photos online and the best way to display images.  I have been with SmugMug for six years and have been so happy with this company.  I particularly love the creative and powerful customization possibilities with SmugMug…and that’s where jR Customizations comes in.  jR Customization was able to take my right-brained ideas and make them tangible realities. jR Customization worked with me to plan, organize, design and implement four different themes into one SmugMug site.  My new SmugMug is original and unique – the perfect way to bring my art into the world to view.”


What is your major goal or photography project for 2014 ?

“I want to do more studio photography and improve the use of lighting on location. I want to become a better business person and streamline my business practices.  I just want to keep getting better.”


You can learn more about Jaki at jakigoodmiller.com


Jaki Good Miller Photography - Portraits Theme

Jaki Good Miller Photography – Portraits Theme

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