Lacey of Photography by Laceymarie specializes in portrait, wedding and engagement photography.

Lacey shares her photography favorites with us!

* Why you love photography?

“There are so many different reasons why I love photography, to me photography is poetry without words. It allows me to creatively express my love for life, people, art, and emotion simultaneously. My lens has taught me to see so many different things in so many different ways. I can freeze time and moments allowing people to look back and feel the emotion, the beauty, and the reality of that fleeting moment over and over again. I am blessed to be able to tell the stories that make us all unique and make us all connected. It is a tremendous responsibility and an art that keeps evolving depending upon who or what is in front of my camera.”

* Your favorite type of photography?

“My favorite type of photography is hands down Lifestyle. I love capturing the relationships and the personalities of people as I see it. Observing people and capturing their unique essence. Lifestyle photography has so many different expressions and it allows me the creativity to show people how amazing the smallest of moments can be. I feel honored and humbled everytime I am asked to get to spend time observing and documenting a part of someone else’s life.”

* Photography tips or tricks?

“Since I love quotes, I would say Dorthea Lange, one of the greats, said it best: ‘One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you would be stricken blind.’ ”

* Comments about your web site design?

“SmugMug and JR customization have helped me with all the things that have nothing to do with my camera; all the things I need a lot of help with! JR customization was personable and worked with my budget and my vision to develop a logo and a cohesive website/blog/FB fan page. SmugMug makes my life so much easier and is wonderful for my clients. Thank you both, I will be forever grateful!”

~ Lacey

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